About Us

About Us

About FAIR

The Forum for Arab and International Relations is an independent think tank based in Doha, Qatar. It was founded in 2011 to stimulate debate, promote dialogue and further cultural and political development. Firmly committed to the dissemination of information and the free expression of opinions, FAIR endeavours to forge consensus among different intellectual and political groupings within and outside the Arab and Islamic worlds. It is equally committed to enabling politicians and decision makers to reach better and more informed solutions to local, regional and international problems.

Vision & Objectives 

FAIR aspires to inculcate a culture of knowledge, dialogue and international understanding. It hopes to avert religious, sectarian, national and international tensions, and to help ameliorate their adverse effects on social harmony and civil peace everywhere. Taking knowledge of the real world as its starting point, FAIR seeks to provide practical recommendations in the service of the public good and the ultimate welfare of humanity. The ideals of tolerance, pluralism, openness and better understanding of the other and of other cultural milieux guide and inspire all its activities.


FAIR Activities


FAIR regularly holds local and international conferences and symposia. Prominent politicians, intellectuals, academics, theologians and decision makers are invited to discuss important issues in the Arab and Islamic region. The research papers, studies, findings and recommendations posited in these gatherings are made available to the public both in print and online.

The Cultural Forum   

FAIR hosts seminars and local discussion groups every fortnight. Specialists in various fields are regularly invited to debate political, religious, philosophical and/or public issues. FAIR has hosted hundreds of these meetings since it was established, and it remains committed to hosting them as a means to raise public consciousness and increase knowledge and awareness of current issues.

FAIR Publications 

FAIR publishes a significant number of books on various politico-cultural issues, targeting both specialist and general readerships. It pays particular attention to publishing the research material presented in its various symposia and seminars, often in the form of conference proceedings books. FAIR also gives priority to building crosscultural bridges through the medium of translation. It renders into Arabic important socio-economic, political, philosophical and cultural books and articles written in all living languages, and it translates into these languages some creative cultural tracts that reflect the brilliance of the Arab and Islamic mind and rid it of the unfair distortions and stereotyping stuck to it.